UPick Season LAST DAY is Oct 1, 2022


Our UPick orchard is now closed, Thank you for a fabulous season!


Sadly, due to a family medical emergency, we’ve had to cancel our annual Cider Day this year. Lots of fresh cider to be pressed, but later, so stay tuned.

Our organic orchard is unique in that it offers a U-Pick experience during apple harvest season.  It is rare to find an organic U-Pick orchard simply because organic apples will never be “perfect”.  There will always be a spot here and a blemish there on at least 10% of the crop. These bits of “apple acne” as we like to call them, are only on the skin and do not affect the taste or quality of the apples at all.  

  • Our U-Pick is open daily from 11:00am to 4:00pm, 7 days a week, from the middle of September through to the 3rd week of October – come when you like and leave when you please.
  • We provide pre-paid picking bags with handles in two sizes, or you can bring your own.
  • Apples are heavy – bags fill up quickly so a gentle reminder to be careful in case you end up picking more than you intended!
  • Payment is on the “Honour System” inside our Farm Store, although we are on-site most of the time should you wish to pay via cheque, e-transfer or VISA/MasterCard instead of cash.
Ezra the Apple Inspector