Committed to Organic Sustainability

happily serving our South Frontenac Rural Community

dragonfly on grass blade

Heritage Varieties

All our trees are either Heritage (before 1940) or Vintage (1940 to 1975) varieties. No GMO here!


In addition to our original Old Standard trees (some over 70 years old) we have planted new baby trees to replace older trees now gone. These are also either Heritage or Vintage varieties. For a full listing of our available varieties, click on OUR APPLES.

apple blossom branch

Organic Orchard Management


Disease Control

Apple trees are highly susceptible to diseases caused by fungi and viruses.  Click below to learn more about our organic disease management program.

Insect Control

We use strictly organic and natural products to ward off insect pests.  Click below to learn how we manage apple munching bugs without harming bees & butterflies.


Our Animals on the Farm 


Our laying hens and meat birds are pasture raised.

Free Range & Fresh

KuneKune Pigs

Rare, heritage orchard grazing pigs.

Cute as a Pig!


Grass cutting and disease reducing horses!

Everyone Has a Job


Our animals aren’t just pretty faces or family pets!


Each animal we have chosen to raise has a specific purpose and important job to do in the orchard.