Our Farm Gate offers the following homemade products:

                • all fruits & vegetables used in all products are grown and produced on the farm 
                • only wild yeast, organic flour and organic oats are used in our bread
                • some items are seasonal only, so all of the below may not be available all of the time 
  • fresh pressed apple cider
  • apple cider vinegar
  • apple syrup
  • apple butter
  • apple leather & dried slices
  • fresh veggies
  • mulberries & haskaps
  • maple sugar
  • maple syrup
  • maple butter
  • homemade sourdough bread
  • BBQ sauces
  • kombucha
  • kimchi
  • apple blossom & wildflower honey
  • free range fresh eggs
  • pickled eggs
  • garden fresh relishes
  • mustard, jams & jellies
  • Stella’s Famous Pickles!

Let’s Talk Pricing

Our “at the farm” products are priced very reasonably.

For us, choosing to farm organically was not even a choice.  We grew up in a world where the word “organic” didn’t exist because everyone’s garden was “organic”.  Today, a great divide is being created between those who can afford organic and everyone else who cannot.  When we price our products, we compare against major grocery store chains and then price our products  a bit lower.  We feel that prices should be lower when buying directly from the farm as there is not the usual “middle man” to deal with.  We truly believe that everyone, regardless of income levels, should be able to afford great food for their family.

Products purchased directly at the farm are not only better, but should be more affordable; ours are both!

Product Price Notes
Free Range Fresh Eggs $4 / $5 / $6 Large/Extra Large/Jumbo
Fresh Picked Organic Apples $3.00/lb late August through October
U-Pick $2.50/lb late August to mid October
Organic Fresh Pressed Cider 1 litre $5.50 September until sold out
Organic Fresh Pressed Cider 2 litres $10 September until sold out
Apple Syrup $6 250 ml
Apple Butter $4 250 ml
BBQ Sauce Smokey Maple $8 500 ml
BBQ Sauce Smoked Apple $8 500 ml
Jams/relishes/pesto/pickles $4 to $8 various sizes
Maple Cider Mustard $6 200ml
Kombucha various flavours $5 500 ml
Kimchi $8 500 ml
Pickled Eggs $5 500 ml jar
Homemade Sourdough Bread $4.50 800 gram loaf
Maple Syrup Wood Fired $6 – $21 various sizes
Maple Cream $10 250 ml
Veggies in Season priced accordingly various sizes/amounts available